PHOTO – Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot Scandal – 9-year-old Sister Pole Dance?

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Mily Cyrus used to be every little girls’ idol…but these days she’s fast becoming every little girls’ nightmare! For the parents of those little girls, that is.

However, her antics have been a great way of bringing even more attention the transformation of her image from being a sweet little kid to a busting woman. I’m sure her handlers knew of the possible wardrobe malfunctions and allowed her to wear those outfits.

For that matter, where are her parents and what do they think about this latest crotch photo? I don’t know but what I do know is that Cyrus’s little sister, 9-year-old Noah Cyrus seems to be walking down the same path as big sister.

She was seen hanging around a pole and taking pictures hugging the pole while at the Teen Choice Awards. Where is Daddy Cyrus and Mommy Cyrus? Can these girls be helped??The infamous image can be seen here.


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