PHOTO TAKE. (strong language)

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The Camel cigarette
Hangs between her fingers,
The insignificant

Smoke invisible to
The eye. Bonnie puts her
Left arm around Clyde’s waist,

Moodily gazing back
At the photographer,
Impatient to move on,

To get going, wanting
Little part in this weird
Pictorial game much

More. Next to her, Clyde stares
As he mostly stares, the
Slight frown, the mouth set

Undecided whether
To smile or not, his right
Arm on Bonnie’s shoulder,

Head leaning close, touching,
Feeling, thinking of now,
Not tomorrow; of the

Living, breathing, wild and
Loving, fun to be with,
Bonnie, who seems to melt

Into him, as she had
The night before, giving
His neck a suck, her warm

Breath entering his ear,
Dispelling all of his
Anxiety, bringing

Forth sexuality,
A good fuck and pushing
Away all fear. The box

Camera has worked its
Wonder; the photo is
Taken. Bonnie frowns, then

Breaks into a smile, grabs
Clyde’s hand, pulls him onto
A kiss; that’s something this

Time around, she muses,
The camera will miss.

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