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Since my thriller is about North Korea, I thought it would be way cool to post pictures from there, especially since it is a weirdly reclusive nation that resists publicity. I found some great shots, but decided to check out the legality of putting them on my site. Since I found them on the internet, it would be okay to use them, right?

Hubbie works in a law firm and had lunch with the copyright lawyer for the firm. It turns out that using the pictures would be a violation of copyright, and if anyone respects copyright, it would be a writer. So I went through phase two of the process and researched what it would take to gain the right to use the pictures. I learned that the prices of professional photography vary widely, and that you can negotiate but you do have to pay. So given my paltry budget, I picked the very most awesome one and got it for the top of my website banner; a soldier who is actually pointing his rifle directly at the photographer, who’s obviously pointing his camera right back. So cool. Check it out; I have a new domain name: If you really want to make my day, sign my guest book!

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