PHOTOs – Brooke Hogan in Bikini w/ Daddy – Awww, Weeeird…

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Ok, it’s not weird to be in a bikini around one’s father, that is unless it’s Brook Hogan who is in a bikini and that father is Hulk Hogan.

The reason it’s weird, well, Hulk’s new girlfriend, Jennifer, bears a striking resemblance to his daughter, Brooke.

Anyhow besides that strange little part, everything else is normal in Hogan land… oh wait, it’s not. Let’s do a recap of what the Hogan’s have gone through these past few years.

Brooke’s singing career fizzled out and to revive it, the Hogan’s decided to star in their own reality series, “Hogan Knows Best” which pretty much did nothing for Brooke’s career but did end up destroying the Hogan family.

Hulk’s son Nick got into a tragic accident because he was racing and that accident caused his passenger and friend, John Graziano, to be in an eternal vegetative state.Hulk and his wife Linda went through a very nasty and crazy divorce then she started dating a 19 year old kid who went to school with her own children and of course, Hulk started dating his daughter’s look-a-like.

Ok, that just about covers it. Here’s the photos: Oh yeah, the woman in the brown bikini is Hulk’s new girlfriend, Jennifer… see, I told you so.





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