Photos: Demi Moore hot in bikini Pics – 47 is just a Number

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Demi Moore gave normal bodied women everywhere another reason to dislike her as she showed off her gorgeous bikini body. Demi Moore took some self photos wearing a little bikini and sunglasses recently.

According to, Demi Moore posted some ultra sexy bikini photos of her 47-year-old bod onto her Daily Booth photoblog on the 15th of August. The commentary Moore posted along with the pictures was “Maybe this is more like summer!” There were two photos posted which showed Demi in a snakeskin or polka dotted bikini with tie straps.

Demi Moore has obviously found the fountain of youth or made a deal with the Devil. There is no normal way a person could age that beautifully. Then again why not? Moore has always taken extreme care of her body and does things most normal people would not to make sure her beautiful bod will maintain it’s gorgeous shape.

Good for her for aging so well. The list of women nearing menopause but still looking hotter than 20-year-olds is very slim but Demi Moore and her bikini body definitely fit into that exclusive category. Ashton Kuther, 32, is sure to have many many more years with his beautiful wife.

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