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AmishGirl_Howard_Stern_Show_5Emma the Amish Girl, the New American Pinup is showing up hot in searches. But who or what is Emma the Amish Girl? Emma aka “BUBBLE GUM GIRL” is being featured on as the April girl-of-the-month.

Emma is supposedly 100% Amish and was just interviewed earlier this morning on the Howard Stern show (you know you’ve made it big time when you get contracted to do a classy show like Howard (the has-been) Stern!!!) is apparently a site set up by a man named Brian Johnson who has done tattoos for 20 years and now photographs and writes about young naked tattooed girls… (ahhh, what a life! Bet Jesse James is drooling!)

On the website, there are photos of Johnson with Ed Hardy and Bam Margera (which is proudly and prominently displayed.)

Emma The Amish Model

Anyway, personal opinion is that the website looks trashy and so do the models. If you are adventurous and really want a bit of Emma all to your lonesome self you can buy her panties for $30. YAY!!! I bet her parent’s are just soooo proud!!!

Well, there’s  certainly a new and very interesting site we should all keep our eyes glued too.





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