Photo’s of Mariah Yeater’s Ex Robbie Emerge

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The Mariah Yeater story gets more interesting by the day. Despite that fact that she has allegedly dropped the suit, people are still interested in the story, probably because it involves singer Justin Bieber.

Yeater claims that she met Bieber back stage after a concert and that they had quick, unprotected sex. Her son, Tristyn, was born nine months later, and she is claiming that Justin Bieber is the boy’s father. Of course, so many red flags have come up regarding the issue.

First, Yeater’s background is quite sketchy. No, that alone doesn’t disclaim her story, but stories surfaced that Yeater accused her ex-boyfriend of being the father. News broke today that Yeater sent texts to a friend that stated a man named “Robbie” was the baby’s father.

It was only a matter of time before more information emerged about the mysterious “Robbie.” Guess what?

TMZ has obtained a photo of Robbie Powell with Mariah Yeater. What makes these particular photos interesting is that, according to TMZ, they were taken roughly ten months before Yeater’s son was born. Robbie has light blue eyes as does the baby, but that isn’t enough alone to convince anyone that he is the definite father.

It is sad that there are so many potential fathers for this little boy. If the texts that Yeater sent are to be believed, then Robbie is the third guy (including Justin Bieber) who has been named as a potential father. Does Mariah Yeater even know who the father of her son is really?

Hopefully she does. The number of kids who grow up without fathers is staggering and can have a life long effect on the child. Perhaps Mariah Yeater should spend less time accusing celebrities of fathering her child and let the real father be a part of her son’s life.

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