Photos of Marilyn Monroe Before She Was a Legend for Sale

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Before Marilyn Monroe was “Marilyn Monroe,” she was a simple 19-year-old aspiring model named Norma Jeane Dougherty. In 1946, the lucky photographer Joseph Jaguar took photos of the model to help the Blue Book Agency take pictures of and promote their various new models. Little did Jaguar know that he was taking pictures of a woman who would one day become an international and super famous icon. The person who purchases these photographs will be one lucky super fan to add to his or her collection.

Unfortunately, Jaguar died earlier this year, and in his estate are not only pictures of the star, but also release forms signed by Norma Jeane and a letter to her half-sister. The estate expects the treasure trove to go anywhere from $200 to a million dollars. This amazing collection showcases a young hopeful woman ignorant of her bright (and tragic) future ahead of her. It is also interesting to note that Monroe was obviously a bombshell, but that she might be considered plump by today’s standards of beauty, especially in her earliest depictions.

Monroe as photographed by Jaguar.

Image Source: The Daily Mail UK

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