Picky Eaters

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My cats are all such picky eaters it’s sometimes strikes us as funny.

Rascal has certain flavors she likes and other than stealing a sample from one of the other cat’s plates she doesn’t stray from her favorites.

Buddy is in a mood where it’s fish or else, so we thought ok she’d like the stuff we feed OJ because it’s mostly fish, a lot of different tuna combos including one tuna tilapia which is Buddy’s favorite food if we’re feeding her Weruva Mideast Feast, do you think Buddy would even sample the new stuff? No! She wouldn’t touch it or any other variety of BFF cat food. So much for the hopes of being able to save a few bucks, BFF food is similar to Weruva, in fact if I remember correctly they’re sister companies, the only difference between most of it is that BFF has finely shredded fish or small chunks compared to some of the Weruva which has slightly larger pieces. I can’t see much difference other than the size of the fish bites, but Buddy the oh so finicky cat seems to think it would be just terrible to even try a nibble of something different. We did find that she likes Chicken Soup for the Cat brand canned cat food for those times when she’s not in such a fishy mood and prefers a little chicken.

OJ is not a picky eater, as long as we don’t try to give him pate style food he’ll eat anything, so he gets BFF food, we get a few of each kind and he’s very happy with his food then.

Is there hope of Buddy or Rascal ever changing their minds to less expensive food like OJ’s? Highly doubtful!

As long as they’re all happy and healthy that’s what matters most.

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