Picnic Time: Dixie Needs a Favor, Pretty Please

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Arriving at the farmhouse, Dixie was pleased to see none of the carnage from last week’s debacle remained on the front lawn. As a matter of fact, someone had taken a roller to the uneven patches left by the emergency vehicles, and the grass now looked almost untouched.

Standing on the huge wrap-around porch surveying the scene before her, she was tempted to pinch herself. It was all hers, lock, stock and barrel.

“Ms. Black, where do you want the carny people to set up the rides?” A shirtless fireman in suspenders asked, coming around the side of the house.

“Where did they set up last year? I’m new to this, darlin’. Anywhere is fine with me, just not too close to the woods. There are bear out there, and I’d hate to see a kid wander off.” Dixie responded, trying to mask her admiration for his physique.

Another fireman ambled up onto the porch and asked “How’s it coming with the door prizes?”

“What do you mean, how’s it coming? I thought you guys handled all of that?” she asked, stunned.

“Well, up until last year, your uncle rounded up the door prizes, so we just assumed you would hit up the town for prizes, like he used to.”

“Honey, I had no idea, but I guess I could hit up a few people for prizes. I guess I need to head back to town and get busy.” Dixie said, grabbing her purse. “See you next Saturday.”

Now, my question to you, are you willing to donate to the cause? It all goes to benefit the brave, fearless , not to mention hunky, Firemen who keep us all safe. ‘Cmon, you can part with something. Please, Pretty please? Don’t make me beg.



A Special Thanks to Bill’s Spirit for the art work. Thank you Sweetie!

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