Pics from Port Jesus & White Sands Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya

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Here are some more pics from Mombasa Kenya (where summer & rainy summer are the only seasons). 


Fort Jesus, Mombasa
Built in 1593 by the Portuguese in East Africa. This fort was the major foothold in East Africa until 1728 when they were driven out by an Afro-Arab siege. (

It turned into a prison, I forgot if it was by the British or the Kenyan gov.  When I visited, it had already turned into a tourist attraction – money talks, lol – just kidding.  You can learn about it more from this web:

Btw, if you ever want to visit other country outside USA, make sure you check it first with  







 White Sands Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya

This is the hotel where I stayed, located in East African Coast, Mombasa, Kenya.  There are so many other hotels over there for ppl to choose to.





















If I could, I would take more & better pics than these.  I hope you enjoy it them.  Thanks for checking. 

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