Picture: Ashlee Simpson Has a New Super Short Haircut

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Ashley Simpson’s new hair cut is adorable with a “capital A”!

Bronx Mowgli Wentz’s mommy has traded in her long dark locks and is now sporting a super cute blonde bob.

Coco Perez (Perez Hilton’s fashion blog), shared the pictures that were taken at LAX on Tuesday.

The profile of the do is particularly flattering to her gorgeous silhouette. It’s news to nobody that her silhouette had a professional “upgrade” in the form of a nose job. Simpson has said that plastic surgery was a “personal choice” that one should only decide to do for oneself and not for others.

Previously blonde like sis Jessica, Ashlee dyed her hair dark during the recording of her MTV reality show. Following the end of her Autobiography tour, in early May 2005 she moved back to blond. She remained blonde until January 2008, when she appeared with a feisty red hair color. (Wow. That was a lot of info about Jessica Simpsons hair!)

Simpson married Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz on May 17, 2008 at her parents’ California residence, where Ashlee’s father officiated at the ceremony. On November 20, 2008, Simpson gave birth to their son, Bronx.

Equally mesmerizing is Mrs. Pete Wentz’s incredible Chanel bag in this photo. Jealous!   

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