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Just look at me how Regal I am

Should be Royalty for sure

Look at that Roman nose I have

It’s a good thing I don’t snore


Look at those eyes, they smile don’t they

That’s because I refuse to frown

If I look at the world through rose colored glasses

Nothing can get me down


Take a look at my lips, aren’t they full

No injections of collagen needed

They’ve had many kisses too

Then other ideas were seeded


I have to chase the men away

I don’t make them run

For they are all so old now

Watching them fall isn’t fun


I guess sitting here looking Regal

Is just my very own destiny

Can’t help my Royal bearing

Twas a curse that was wished on me


So here’s to my sensitive nature

My wonderful personality

Drink a toast with me

It’s bottoms up with tea ….





Prompts for February 23, 2011

  • Write a caricature of yourself, but if you’re going to spell out your faults, be funny about it!

  • Include the words: lip, chase, destiny

  • Include the phrase: Bottoms Up!

  • tag with gwwe

  • submit by next Tuesday, March 1st if only to keep to the routine because I don’t know how the next member/editor will handle prompted submissions


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