Pictures of the country, here in Illinois

With us driving James back and forth to school between two towns because of us moving soon I came to realize exactly how beautiful country life is. I decided to share some of what I seen these last few months with all of you.

Close by where we presently live is a Sunflower field, I had to make Eric pull over to capture the scene.



I’m not very good with my flowers but I found these flowers as well on one of my trips in the country of the town we are moving to.





Here in Illinois corn fields are all a common view this time of year in the country. As well as seeing them harvesting the fields.



This picture I took at James’ grandparents while stopping for a short visit after school. This tractor belongs to his grandpa, a Farmall 300.



 These next pictures I took on other trips of taking him to and from school.


While I now see a lot of fall on my trips now these next two pictures of the same tree was actually my first sign I seen that Fall was near.




I really wish some days we didn’t have to drive so far to take James to catch the bus to take James to school, but I have to say I am as well happy I did. I have seen a lot of things I would of missed out on. I can’t wait to get moved and being in the country there is a lot of beautiful and interesting things around us if we just look.

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