Pie Anyone? (Saturday Writing Essential)

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I was fifteen and vice president of a fairly large youth organization. We were having a convention at a mountain side campsite with about 250 teens ranging in age from 15 -18 years old. Both male and female were there. This organization was basically a service oriented group and one of the ways we raised money was by offering to sell a pie full of whip cream for $10 and it would be thrown into the face of someone of your choosing.  The ‘pie in the face’ happened at either lunch or dinner and the ‘victim’ would usually be caught off guard and obviously everyone around them would laugh and find the whole thing hilarious.

I made it really clear that I did not want to have a pie tin full of whipped cream thrown in my face.

I don’t really remember whose idea it was, but someone came up with this brilliant plan to have a pie eating contest with the President and Vice President of both the Male and Female sides of these groups after dinner one night. We were to see who could eat the most whipped cream in one minute. It would obviously be to raise more money as people would bet on who would win the contest.  Our hands were tied behind our backs and our eyes were covered with blind folds.

I distinctly remember hearing ‘Go’ and having someone push my head down into the plate of whipped cream and then loudly hearing ‘eat, eat, eat’ repeated loudly. I gulped up the whipped cream as fast as I could and then heard ‘stop!’

When I picked up my head and took my blindfold off the entire room was laughing at me. I had been the only one eating the whipped cream. They had set me up!


You know, I hadn’t even thought about this until this challenge came down, and now that I am reliving this nightmare I wonder if it is why I can’t stand large crowds anymore.  (Thanks Len!)


Write a true story (prose or poetry) relating an embarrassing situation in which you were involved as a kid.

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