Piers Morgan: Allowing Students to Carry Weapons Would Result in “Wild West Madness”

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On “Piers Morgan Live” Tuesday night, Morgan interviewed students from Lone Star College, as well as Senator Dan Patrick, who advocate for the right to carry weapons on campus in the wake of the “Mass Stabbing” that resulted in fourteen students being attacked by 20-year-old Dylan Quick on Tuesday.

Morgan noted that armed guards were on campus. The students, who were quite respectful, noted that the eight armed guards could not possibly guard all the students on campus. Their point is sound, as it was students and not guards, that took down the shooter, Dylan Quick. The typical condescending response from Morgan was that allowing students to carry guns would “…descend the school into total wild west madness.” He attempted to make the argument that if Quick had a gun it would have been worse.

This argument is shallow, however, because if law-abiding students were able to carry guns on campus, it is possible that Quick would not have had the opportunity to stab fourteen students in the neck and face; which is precisely what he did. The same argument was made by gun-control advocates in the wake of the little-noticed “mass stabbing” in China in December, where Min Yingjun stabbed 22 children on their way to school.

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One of the students pointed out that knives are not allowed on campus, solidifying the argument that criminals do not follow laws, as evidenced in the Lone star College stabbing rampage. The student countered that elsewhere, law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves, so why not on college campus?

Morgan replied, “Don’t you think if students were armed, the kind of day to day conflict that goes on in all schools…could very quickly escalate into much more dangerous situations if everybody had a gun?” Of course, again, this is a silly argument. The second amendment allows citizens to carry weapons. In November 2011, Liberty University approved concealed carry on campus, and that school has not devolved into a shooting gallery. At the time, there was hand-wringing that the move would make the campus less safe. “With Virginia’s lax standards for getting a concealed carry permit, expecting someone on campus in a very tense situation to make the right decision is a fallacy,” said Brian Malte, director of mobilization at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Senator Dan Patrick asked Morgan why he wasn’t pushing to ban knives. After being accused of being “facetious,” the Senator replied, “the way you have been thinking about the gun issue just totally out of touch with reality.” Piers Morgan freaked out at the statement and replied,

  • “I know. It’s crazy, isn’t it. It’s crazy that I think that 100 thousand Americans being shot a year is out of control. Crazy I think the 30 thousand Americans who kill themselves every year or shoot others with guns is out of control,” cracked Morgan. “Call me crazy. I think it’s absolutely shameful. So I want to try and reduce the gun violence, not increase it.”

Patrick said that if Dylan Quick “had known” that students on campus had guns, he may have thought twice before stabbing 14 people. It is a valid point, as just the knowledge that a university is not armed may be a motivation to conduct a crime there. Mass shootings typically occur in so-called “gun free zones.”

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