‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Premiere Brings in Twice as Many Viewers than ‘Larry King Live’

Piers Morgan Tonight debuted with amazing numbers! It looks like the Brits are invading primetime and yes, Larry King Live, better be scared! Piers Morgan showed File:Piers Morgan.jpgcritics who thought his show was overly hyped that U.S. viewers were not only ready but eager to see what he would bring.

Sure, snagging Oprah as his first guest for the Piers Morgan Tonight premiere definitely helped his ratings but according to the numbers, PiersÂ’ staying strength seems to be concrete. The show was able to pull in 2.1 million viewers during its 9 p.m. Monday premiere on CNN. ThatÂ’s more than twice of the normal viewing numbers for Larry King Live.

Piers Morgan Tonight was second only to Fox NewsÂ’ Hannity Yeah, it looks like all the big boys came out to play! The question now is, will Piers be able to consistently bring in such great numbers? The answer will only come with time. However, Morgan was quite frank when asked about his early success. He knows it’s just a matter of being able to consistantly improve CNN’s 9 p.m. ratings.

He said, “If I do, I’m a genius. If I don’t, I’m a half-wit. There is no middle ground.”

What do you think? Did you watch Morgan and Oprah or were you watching Larry King Live?

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