Piers Morgan’s Debut Triples Larry King’s Ratings but Gets Bashed by Howard Stern

Piers Morgan’s debut tripled Larry King’s ratings. However, Morgan’s success wasn’t celebrated by everyone. Howard Stern gave the new talk show host a verbal beating on his own show.

File:Piers Morgan.jpgHoward Stern stated, “My friend you have a lot to prove here. What’s going to happen three months from now when your interviewing Scott Bate?”

Stern added, “To be successful in England is very easy but England is about the size of Philadelphia. To conquer England takes about two days. America is something else.”

Looks like Piers Morgan has an uphill climb ahead of him. Howard Stern also asked Morgan about his qualifications and if he was really a journalist! Morgan stated that he’s been a journalist for 25 years! However, Morgan probably excludes America’s Got Talent on his journalism resume.

Readers, share your thoughts. Do you think Piers Morgan smashed the ratings because people wanted to see what he could do on the premiere episode? Or do you this is a good sign the show will be a success?

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