Pilots Strike at Spirit Airlines Grounds Planes

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Spirit Airlines has cancelled all flights through Tuesday, June 15th, 2010. Pilots are unhappy with their current salaries – claiming that pilots at competing airlines make a lot more. Some pilots walked completely out on their schedule flights. This is the third day of the strike – it started early Saturday.

Spirit has announced:

“Spirit is processing future flight credits for customers for the full
amount of their unflown flight purchase, and is also giving them a $100
future flight credit.”

Customers can also get a full refund. The phone number to call: 1(800)772-7117.

Passengers – of course – are angered by this and this will definitely hurt Spirit’s customer base. Stranded travelers are struggling to find ways to get to their destinations or back home. Spirit does not have reciprocal agreements with other airlines so that makes finding an alternate flight very difficult. That helps to explain why Spirit’s tickets are so low!

The pilots were angered after three years of talks with Spirit ended without a new contract. Spirit did come out with a new one that the Air Line Pilots Assocation rejected. It involved a 29% pay raise that would have cost the company $70 million over five years. This would have involved a signing bonus and a 401k match by Spirit. Senior captains would have made over $200,000 a year.

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