Pine~sol review!

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Thanks to Gather I was choosen to review Pine- sol!


I was paypaled $5 to purchase my choice of scent.

I actually picked up 2 bottles at the store cuz I had a couple of coupons that made them less than a $1 a bottle:)

We picked the Sparking wave and the lavender.



The kiddos and I tested each one over a weeks time in different areas of the house and asked the kiddos to let me know which smell they liked the best.

The first week we cleaned the kitchen with the Sparkling wave scent.


The kiddos and I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. We wiped out the cabinets, corner tops, front of the fridge, microwave stand, top of the stove, cleaned the wall by the stove and mopped the floors.

The smell was not over bearing to me however the kids had a different view.  It smelled really nice and the smell filled the house with an inviting clean smell. The smell lasted for days even when we opened the kitchen door to let it air out.









The second week we used the lavender scent to clean the bathrooms.

The kiddos and I used it to wipe the shower, bathtub, toilets, sinks, and the walls by the sink and mopped the bathroom floors with it.

The sinks and toilets are nice and shiny and the bathrooms smell fresh and lavendery.

The bathrooms dont have any wondows so the smell lasted almost a week!


Of the 2 scents the kids are mixed.

Anthony liked the Sparking wave in the kitchen, he didnt like the lavender scent in his bathroom. Jessica didnt like the smell of the Sparking wave she said it was to smelly for her. However, she did like the smell of the lavender in her bathroom. Andy didnt like either smell he said they smelled to much like a hospital dont know he came up with that.. I liked both scents. The lavender for the bathrooms was a good choice.

We will continue to clean with them until the bottles are empty and then we will try another scent. We liked that they were easy to use cuz of the flip top. As soon as we opened the top we could smell the fresh clean scent before we even started cleaning.


Thanks Gather for allowing the kiddos and I to review pine-sol!

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