Pink Ribbon UFO Splits Apart over LA (Video)

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A UFO video uploaded to YouTube by a usually suspect researcher turns out to be quite a find. So far, there’s no explanation for a tubular, pink, unidentified flying object splitting in two and shooting off a white orb in the dazzling skies over LA.

The video suffers from the usual complaints over ThirdPhaseOfMoon’s content. The host conducts a hokey interview with the witness and hypes upcoming events where alien spaceships are “summoned” on command.

But the video itself turns out to be quite intriguing.

In it, a pink, elongated tubular object is seen floating against the clear blue sky. Just another balloon, right?

Only this time, the UFO bends into a ribbon shape, then splits in two as a white, circular orb drops out from its entrails. The two sides then float independently as the orb maintains constant distance and relative motion beneath them.

Videos from this source have to be taken with a grain of salt. But there’s no denying that the TFOM’s reputation and reach on the web continues to draw in sightings which are not so easily explained or dismissed.

This sighting seems to be another one.

Here’s the video:

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