Pippa Middleton All Done Up in Lace

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Pippa Middleton has been making fashion news off and on throughout the past week, and not all of it has been good news, either. On Thursday, however, she was spotted all done up in lace. Now before you panic, this outfit far outdoes the ugly purple outfit she wore to a wedding last weekend as well as the day she was spotted dressed rather like a bag lady.

According to RadarOnline, Pippa was done up in lace, but this blue dress was “racy and lacy.” Spotted en route to work, the blue lace mini showed off her legs that are very tan and exceptionally well toned. The dress actually looked quite similar to one that sister Kate Middelton, a.k.a. the Duchess of Cambridge, wore while visiting North America. Kate’s dress was designed by Erdem.

Pippa Middleton accessorized her lacy blue dress with a tan clutch and matching ballerina flats. She topped it with a navy blue blazer. All in all, the look was quite stylish and can almost make you forget the ugly purple ensemble (including matching hat and necklace—yes, they were both purple, too) that she wore to last weekend’s wedding in Scotland.

Since Pippa Middleton tends to dress fairly conservatively, this racy and lacy mini is a bit unusual for her expected style. Do you suppose someone said something to her about the atrocious purple get up? It did look worse than what most people’s great-aunts would wear to a church supper.

Hopefully they didn’t hurt her feelings if in fact someone did critique Pippa Middleton’s recent fashion faux pas to her face. Clearly she felt she was following some sort of Royal family twice-removed relationship—or something akin to that. (Have you ever noticed how Queen Elizabeth dresses?)

Since Pippa Middleton is a runner, she was svelte and sexy in her racy and lacy dress on Thursday, and it’s no doubt the best thing she’s worn in a week. Keep up the good work, Pippa. Your twice-removed court of followers (royal and otherwise) is watching you!

Pippa Middleton is Hottttttttt OMG

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