Pippa Middleton and George Percy: Is Wedding Proposal in the Cards?

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Are wedding bells in the future for Pippa Middleton? Pippa, the high-profile sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton may have found her man, and just doesn’t know it yet. The right man may actually be right under her nose… one George Percy.

You see, what a girl like Pippa, the party planner with the perfect bum, needs is a guy who has the proper ancestry. In Percy’s case, he is the heir to the Duke of Northumberland. Yep, he is heir to the Harry Potter castle. Look, a girl can’t always marry for love, sometimes she has to marry for station…or the chance to live in a cool castle that has been in a bunch of movies. Of course, there are those who don’t think Pippa is good enough for George Percy. Come on, people, get over yourselves.

There should be no issues to the two getting hitched. Not only is Pippa Middleton’s sister the future Queen of England, but Pippa is also reportedly a descendant of King Edward III’s wife, Queen Philippa. Yep, her father named Pippa after her namesake, the former Queen back in 1377.

Look the royal blood may be pretty thin by now, but really, how can George Percy refuse? So the good money is on Percy popping the question to Pippa. Perhaps there will be yet another big wedding in Pippa Middleton’s future…this time she will be the center of attention instead of her sister Kate Middleton.

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