Pippa Middleton as Young Teen: Tomboy Photos Emerge!

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Pippa Middleton has gained quite a reputation since the royal wedding of her sister Kate Middleton and Prince William — not only for her high-profile romances, her shapely derrière and her Pilates habit, but also for her athletic prowess.

Frequently photographed jogging around Britain, she also recently competed in a triathlon. But Pippa was apparently always into sports, as old photos from her schoolgirl days have emerged that perfectly foreshadow her marathon days.

Donning a green netball uniform, a 13-year-old Pippa looks every bit the captain and star player that she apparently was, according to her former teachers at St. Andrew School in Berkshire, where she dabbled not only in netball, but also hockey, rounders, tennis, swimming and long-distance running. Whew! What a lineup!

File:Pippa Middleton Prince Philip.jpg?????”She always smiled and was forever winning medals and trophies. The reason everyone thinks she’s got a wonderful figure is because of the amount of time she’s spent playing sport in her lifetime. With Pippa, it was hours and hours a day,” said Pippa Middleton’s? St. Andrew housemaster Greg Allford.

Fast forward 14 years to Pippa Middleton, now, at 27… That same smile remains, but her shapely physique has been honed over years and years of sport. Sorry Pippa fans — it looks like it took way more than a few Pilates sessions to develop that backside.

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