Pippa Middleton Bum Challenge from Kylie Minogue: Exciting or Embarrassing?

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Pippa Middleton’s bum has just been challenged to a bum-off by sexy singer Kylie Minogue. There’s no denying the work that Kylie puts into getting her beautiful behind to look the way it does. The singer is obviously still harboring some animosity over her “best bum” title being innocently stolen by Pippa. Now, there’s a brand new rivalry and the ultimate winner will be the fans.

Can't Get You Out Of My HeadSpeaking about her bum-rific challenge, Minogue, 44, said, “I’ll definitely have to be like ‘Oh! [Pippa]”, drop something and pick it up off the ground!”

Minogue’s challenge was issued for the Diamond Jubilee concert. The singer better tackle this butt issues soon because there’s a rumor Middleton is moving across the pond to America soon!

But, what can you say about a 44-year-old issuing such a challenge to a 28-year-old? Is it exciting or embarrassing or a little of both?

Chances are Pippa Middleton won’t accidentally drop or pick up anything around Kylie Minogue. However, if that does happen: may the woman with the best assets win!

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