Pippa Middleton Could Be Linked with Possible Investigation

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Pippa Middleton could be linked with a possible investigation that Olympics organizers might look into. The sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her family have featured several items on their “Party Pieces” website for sale that have caught the attention of the Olympics committee organization.

Merchandise offered under the site’s “Celebrate the Games” section has a ring toss game that features the five Olympic rings in their trademark colors. If it’s learned in an investigation that this violates the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act (passed in 2006), the Middletons could face consequences.

London’s organizing committee spokeswoman, Jackie Brock-Doyle, said, “We’re going to have a look at it.”

A similar matter was reported on when Pippa Middleton and the rest of the family were targets before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. “Party Pieces” is watched closely for unofficial merchandise being sold on their mail-order site. Since Kate married Prince William, many believe her family is attempting to profit from their association with the British royal family.

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