Pippa Middleton—Did She Forget to Wear Underwear?

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Poor Pippa Middleton! It might possibly be time to call in the fashion police to lock Her Hotness up and maybe even time to throw away the key. From frumpy fashions to too many bags—Pippa has now been photographed doing worse. In fact, it could be considered to be a very compromising position!

According to RadarOnline, Pippa appears in a photo, sitting front and center at London’s Fashion Week. She looks cute in a really, really short mini and little boots. However when you look at the photo taken by a photographer who literally upskirted Kate Middleton’s little sis—it truly looks like she forgot to wear her underwear.

Yes, Pippa is seen sans her panties. The photo really leaves little to nothing to the imagination. You can see it here—but hurry. It will probably be taken down or somehow Pippa Middleton’s parts will be covered up with something very soon to obscure the view. Ever since Kate Middleton and Prince William got married, Pippa has been known as having the very best butt in the business—but she may not take kindly for being known for having an equally fine—well, you know.

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when Queen Elizabeth becomes privy to Pippa’s missing panties? After all, Pippa is the sister of a royal! Proper British ladies will be fainting at the notion—but not before they sneak a peek to ascertain that the story isn’t made up, of course.

Do you think Pippa Middleton will feel humiliated once word gets around that she seems to have forgotten to wear underwear to London’s Fashion Week? This fashion faux pas makes the ugly purple suit with matching fascinator—Pippa wore this to a wedding in Scotland a little more than a week ago, and it was ugly—seem like it maybe wasn’t so awful after all. At the very least, Pippa’s private parts were properly covered.

Yes, it’s time for Fashion 101 or maybe even Charm School for Pippa Middleton. And lesson one will surely be to remember her undergarments—every single day!

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Pippa Middleton

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