Pippa Middleton Feeling Pressure from Mom to Marry George Percy?

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Pippa Middleton might be feeling pressure from her mother, Carole Middleton, to consider George Percy, the Duke of Northumberland, someone to marry. The mother of Pippa and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is known by many to be “pushy” in getting what she wants. Social climbing is supposedly all part of the self-made millionaire’s strategy. After all, it was she who was said to have advised Kate in attending St. Andrews University in Scotland when she learned Prince William was also going to be a student. Carole already has one daughter married to a Duke who will be the King of England. The only thing sweeter would be having her second daughter marry just as well—or close to it.

On Thursday, Pippa was reportedly on a skiing vacation in France with Percy. The two went on a separate vacation earlier this year in Switzerland and are rumored to be spending a lot of time together. Prince William, Kate, and the rest of the Middletons were also part of the getaway in France.

Carole made sure Pippa and Percy were seated together at a New Year’s Eve party and it’s believed she’s behind pushing for a romance between the two of them. According to The Daily Beast, Carole Middleton could write a book on How To Marry Off One’s Daughters Well.

George Percy is a member of one of England’s oldest and richest aristocratic families. The Percys are known to be part of the monarch’s “inner circle” and have controlled large sections of Northern England. If Pippa Middleton is as admired by this Duke as reports make him out to be, the younger sister of Kate could do very well herself, too. Friends have said there’s not much chemistry between Pippa and Percy. If that’s the case, no matter what Carole Middleton tries to do, she can’t change that.

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