Pippa Middleton Gets Royal Protection–Justified or Frivolous Waste?

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Did Pippa Middleton suddenly become a Royal? She is obviously linked to the royal family through her big sister, Kate Middleton, but that certainly doesn’t make her a princess. She is a celebrity in her own right because of that link and has become nearly as famous as her big sis. Pippa is currently capitalizing on that fame and using it to promote her latest venture as an author.

Pippa’s book, Celebrate, was released this week with the middle Middleton sibling making her grand appearance at Daunt books. Members of the Penguin Publishing staff were setting up for the book launch party on Wednesday afternoon when two members of the Royalty Protection Branch stopped by to “recce” or recon the place ahead of the Thursday gathering.

On Thursday, about an hour before Pippa’s arrival, the officers were back to check things out again. While it is probably necessary, there are some who are a little miffed by the special treatment. They have a right to be irritated–taxpayers are footing the bill.

Pippa Middleton has been coined her Royal Hotness, but that is certainly not an official title. Her family is not exactly without means and can certainly afford to hire protection. Not to mention, Penguin has already supplied bodyguards for the party planner.

Is it possible there is a valid threat against Pippa, which warranted the extra protection? According to the former head of the Royalty Protection, it is feasible, “It is extremely unusual for someone in her position to have a member of royalty protection help them, unless they had received specific intelligence to suggest there was a threat to her or her family from a fixated person or stalker or the like.”

Is it fair to give Kate Middleton’s little sister preferential treatment at the taxpayer’s cost?

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