Pippa Middleton Gives Cold Shoulder to Karl Lagerfeld

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Pippa Middleton may have been slammed by Chanel legend Karl Lagerfeld when he said she should “hide her face,” but in response to this mean comment, Kate’s sister has simply given the designer the cold shoulder.

According to one outlet, their source has come forward to say that Pippa is “devastated” by what Karl had to say about her mug. But the same sources say this Middleton isn’t about to play into that kind of talk. Instead she is remaining silent on the matter. Smart.

To be sure, Pippa doesn’t want to “retaliate and start a war of words.” And after all, even if she did, this would just call more attention to the situation and end up causing more haters to show up and give opinions on her looks that might be even more cutting than Lagerfeld’s.

Sadly, the former British “it” girl who became an eyeful when she showed up for her Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William looking very alluring from the back side was once, apparently, proud of her looks. But now Pippa Middleton is obviously thinking about this.

Good thing Karl Lagerfeld didn’t say anything about her brains. At the end of the day, a diss about that might be more stinging than anything this style icon could have to say about how a person looks given that beauty, indeed, is in the eyes of the beholder.

Meanwhile, as this beholder gets the silent treatment from Pippa Middleton, Karl Lagerfeld is likely looking for his next target. Who do you think that will be? Please weigh in.

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