Pippa Middleton Inspires New Moms: What About Prince Harry?

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Pippa Middleton has served up plenty of inspiration since the royal wedding of her sister Kate Middleton and Prince Harry — from her shapely derrière and daily Pilates or running sessions, to her chic-yet-accessible style sense. However, she’s influencing new moms and mothers-to-be in another way and it may be a bit unexpected, as it has nothing to do with her enviable figure.

Rather, it’s her name!

“Pippa” has shot to the top of the most popular 2011 baby names list, according to Nameberry.com website founder Pam Satran, who based the report on more than 23 million page views. Wow! The only explanation for the popularity of “Pippa” has to be Pippa Middleton herself, as the name didn’t even register in the top 400 baby names last year.

File:Pippa Middleton Prince Philip.jpgFunny, though, as Pippa Middleton’s real name is actually Philippa, which was not highlighted as a trendy choice.

But, the real question is, did Prince Harry make the list? No, “Harry” doesn’t seem to be a popular boy’s name, despite the royal brother’s status, not to mention the ubiquity of the Harry Potter franchise and the recent première of the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Asher, Arlo, Everett, Flynn and Archer are on the boy names list, making for an unusual lineup; “Flynn” can definitely be explained by Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s new son.

As for the girls, Elula (also very strange!) and Mila are on the Nameberry.com list. “Mila” for Mila Kunis — obviously! — who’s making a splash in Friends With Benefits and also shocked in Black Swan. And, “Elula” is the name of the youngest daughter of Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen.

So, what’s in a name? Apparently, a good dose of star power and influence, plus some originality and novelty, this year! No plain Janes or Harrys allowed.

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