Pippa Middleton Looks Annoyed, Hops in BMW!

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Is Pippa Middleton starting to get annoyed with the UK tabloids and paparazzi hounding her all the time? She certainly looked it as she was photographed hopping into her black BMW.

Perhaps it is difficult leading the life of the sister of Kate Middleton. Pippa is chased all over the place, her fashion choices (as well as her dating choices) constantly scrutinized. The tabloids trying to create stories about how Pippa Middleton has been shut out of the royal family.

So, perhaps Pippa has every right to be annoyed as she wandered around town, running errands. It wasn’t as if Middleton was trying to be a fashion-plate on Monday as she made her way around London. She wore casual clothes and sunglasses. What she also wore was a look that read, “I’m really annoyed, get that camera out of my face.”

Of course, she was barely in view of the camera’s lens before she hopped in her black BMW and was whisked away. Hopefully, Pippa Middleton didn’t stay mad at the world for too long. Goodness knows, that would end up in the tabloids, too.

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