Pippa Middleton: New Book Is Less Popular Than Royal In-Law’s Bum

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Pippa Middleton recently released her new party planning book, which has been panned by critics, so it’s not too surprising that the Royal sister-in-law had weak sales of less than 4,000 copies according to reports.

Apparently, people just aren’t interested in Pippa’s skills as a party planner. People would rather stare at her bum than read her book it seems.

Though her sales are lower than expected, it appears that Pippa made out well with the deal because she got a £400,000 advance before the book was even published.

You’d think any book by the Middleton sisters would go over well since everyone loves them and wants to be like them but apparently the public doesn’t want advice from Pippa Middleton on how to throw a party.

Are you surprised that Pippa’s book sold so few copies? That seems exceptionally low when you really think about it and must be very depressing for the publisher who put so much into making it a success!

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