Pippa Middleton or Kylie Minogue: Who Has Best Butt?

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Who has the better butt? Pippa Middleton or Kylie Minogue? It must be a really slow news day in the UK to have to take a poll about Pippa and Kylie’s “bums.”

Of course, it has been 12 years since Kylie Minogue wore her now infamous gold hot pants, showing off her posterior. Yes, Kylie’s butt was the talk of the town.

Fast forward a decade to the royal wedding where the maid of honor, one Miss Pippa’s behind, nearly upstaged Kate Middleton and Prince William’s nuptials. For weeks after the royal wedding, Pippa’s perfect backside was all that anyone was talking about.

Well, of course, Kylie Minogue, the former unofficial “Queen of the best butt in Britain” had to challenge Pippa to a better-butt contest. “I met Pippa at the Jubilee… I think if there was a competition between me, Kim Kardashian and Pippa Middleton for best bum I would come third,” claimed Kylie in a recent interview.

At least Kylie’s butt is still in the conversation. Still, that this is even at the top of conversation is absolutely ridiculous, isn’t it?

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