Pippa Middleton Photographed Partying With Strippers

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Recently, Pippa Middleton found herself in the middle of a gun incident. While driving around Paris with three men in a convertible, the driver of the car allegedly threatened a photographer, who was hot on their tail, with a gun. In a photo, Pippa appeared to laugh along with the charade. There has been speculation as to whether or not the gun was real, but it looks like the French are taking the incident seriously.

Pippa Middleton Prince PhilipNow, details about what Pippa did the night before are being revealed!

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry (where you can also see the pic!), Pippa partied it up in Paris the night before—with strippers! The party was reportedly quite a kinky affair featuring plenty of people wearing bondage costumes. However, this wasn’t just a wild party, but also a birthday celebration for Arthur de Soultrait, who was also in the vehicle during the gun incident.

Was the party really that bad? Probably not, but the fact that Pippa was there, it will be talked up just for shock factor.

Pippa Middleton’s behaviour wouldn’t be a big deal if she wasn’t the sister of Kate Middleton, who also happens to be the Duchess of Cambridge. The fact that Pippa is closely linked to the Royal family means that her every move is watched just as closely as her sister’s. Anything that she does could ultimately reflect negatively on the Royal family.

What do you think about Pippa’s partying? Do you think the party is being made out to be something that it was not?

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