Pippa Middleton Photos: Topless Sunbathing Pics a Media Free-For-All?

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After the Royal Wedding, the Pippa Middleton topless sunbathing photos are still sizzling about Kate’s maid of honor. But has the media overstepped its boundaries in trawling for gossip, more nude photos, and the scoop and skinny of the party planner?

A hot debate unfolded between two respected journalists and colleagues on the matter on the once-obscure sister of Kate Middleton. Of course it’s good to hear at least two sides of a story especially when opinions diverge.

Without going deep into the debate about the Pippa Middleton topless sunbathing photos, a few points are worth noting to show why the media is probably going too deep with the talk of body parts of a Royal family member.

Mariella Frostrup of the Observer believes that the media frenzy is out of control, inappropriate, unwanted, and tantamount to a privacy invasion.

She is of the firm belief that P-Middy is suffering from the embarrassing picture the media machine paints of her.

Marie O’Riordan, former Marie Claire editor, thinks the girl with the taut derrière is wallowing in the media attention, loves the fame and swelling line of eligible bachelors with tongues in tow.

She believes the topless sunbathing photos, while unexpected, are probably increasing Pippa Middleton’s net worth in the social arena among A-listers.

Okay, you’ve gotten two different view points about feminism, gawkers, media frenzy, and the possible vetting of a future bride by way of the paparazzi.

Sure, it’s a matter the Royal family doesn’t need; Sarah Ferguson was a hand and mouthful. But at the end of the day, the 27-year-old Doppelganger of Kate Middleton is probably not at risk of a banishing from Royals.

It’s no doubt the Pippa Middleton topless photos of her sunbathing and partying up a storm in a bra (minus a top) cause eyebrows to arch.

But is the media in collusion and indicting one human being for a moment in her life meant as a private one?

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