Pippa Middleton Planning Move to NYC?

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Is Pippa Middleton considering a move to New York City? It is no secret she is fed up with the British paparazzi stalking her, but is the American paparazzi any different? Is it possible Kate Middleton’s little sister is hoping for a change of scenery, or country?

Pippa is embarking on a new career as an author and there are some who feel her recent book deal is a capitalization on her ties to the royal family. Maybe it is, but she is paying the price of being connected to the Royals, so why not use it to her advantage as well. It is very likely Pippa will be doing press for her party planning book, Celebrate, in the United States. While she is here, she will want to be comfortable, right?

According to at least one news agency, Pippa was spotted out and about in the Big Apple with a realtor. The two entered a residential building and the photographer and the Splash agency immediately jumped to the conclusion she was checking out available apartments.

However, the “realtor” she was with, looks an awful lot like one of the ladies Pippa was hanging out with earlier in the week. Judge for yourself by looking at these pictures. The so-called realtor is in the baby blue dress. Scroll down the page and check out the lady on the left next to Pippa, sipping an iced coffee.

It would be lovely to have Pippa Middleton put down some roots in the U.S., and you better believe many would be thrilled at the idea of having an extended member of the royal family living on this side of the pond. Just imagine Kate Middleton paying her sister a visit!

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