Pippa Middleton Shocked by Little Girl’s Anti-Princess Comment (Video)

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Pippa Middleton had an awkward encounter with a little girl who doesn’t approve of Kate Middleton’s fairytale life.

Pippa was promoting her new party planning guide at a bookshop in London, and she took a little time to talk to a group of children who were all decked out in Halloween costumes. A little girl wearing a witch hat informed Pippa that she likes things that boys like, and Pippa says that she was also a tomboy when she was a little girl. However, Pippa makes this prediction about her new pal:

“I’ll bet when you’re ten you’ll love pink and you’ll love princesses.”

That’s rather a bold comment to make since there are plenty of girls who never go through a Barbie phase.

Luckily another little girl at the table was ready to stand up for her nonconformist friend. A blonde child wearing a pair of devil horns quickly retorted, “I hate princesses.”

Poor Pippa Middleton didn’t quite know how to react to the girl’s comment, so she simply laughed and said, “Better not talk about that one!” Luckily the cute kid changed the subject by declaring, “I like vampires.” So she simply prefers tomboyish Twilight star Kristen Stewart over Kate Middleton.

To be fair, the little girl probably wasn’t saying that she hates Kate—she was probably just thinking of what kind of Halloween costume she wants to wear this year (a vampire princess would be an excellent idea). And at least the child didn’t make things even more awkward by saying that she hates party planners or by bringing up Kate’s nude photos.

On the bright side of things, perhaps Pippa’s cringe-worthy encounter gave her an idea. Instead of marketing her next party planning book to the boring types who want to live like pampered princesses, Pippa should give it a more gothic feel by aiming it at the gals who dream of transforming into Kristen Stewart’s powerful vampire character from Breaking Dawn. Perhaps choosing an angle like this would make her next guide less of a snooze-fest.

You can check out Pippa’s awkward encounter below.

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