Pippa Middleton to Start Party Planning Business

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Pippa Middleton is cashing in on her new-found fame to form her own party planning company.

A businesswoman at heart, Pippa knows how to get when the getting’s good. After her role in the wedding of her sister Kate to Prince William, she has become a prized commodity. She has dozens of Facebook groups dedicated to her butt, a plum gig as a temporary lady-in-waiting to her sister while the Duchess of Cambridge tours the United States with her husband, and even offers of $5 million to do porn from Vivid Entertainment in the US. So what better time to capitalize on her fame and start a business than now?

Pippa Middleton has long been involved in the party planning business. Her parents are the owners of Party Pieces, a party planning company which Pippa has worked for in the past. She even launched a party planning magazine off the back of her parents’ business.http://photos.thefirstpost.co.uk/assets/library/pippa-middleton--122562622219745500.jpg

Now she plans on venturing out on her own. A friend says “she is really buoyed by her success and is hoping to start her own party planning business.”

Whatever business Pippa Middleton starts one can be sure that it will benefit immensely from the young socialite’s sudden popularity. She seems like an intelligent girl with a good head on her shoulders, and she’ll surely be in the news for her successes rather than just for her connection with her sister.

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