Pippa Middleton Topless: Bum Admirers Worried She’s Losing Hot Body

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Many people have heard about the Pippa Middleton topless photos circulating the internet. However, this famous royal sister gained notoriety for her bum, as seen on TV. She’s up for “Rear of the Year” but admirers are worried she might lose that impressive feature.

There’s been scandalous bra shots, Pippa’s topless scandal and a Facebook group devoted to her backside. She wore an Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress just right and the camera managed to capture her derrière, gaining her superstar status worldwide. So why are admirers worried about Pippa?

A new article at Daily Star says there are fears Pippa is losing her booty. They say it appears she’s losing weight since the William and Kate wedding. Pippa was seen looking slimmer as she left Richard Ward’s salon in Chelsea the other day. Apparently all of this attention and spotlight given to Pippa from the royal wedding and after have been taking a toll. It could have her worried her figure is causing too much of a commotion.

Facebook fans on the biggest appreciation fan page for Pippa have been voicing concerns too. They’ve got a special day set up in honor of her bum, and are planning special activities or events for celebrating the day. However, if she slims down and loses the famous royal heiny, it might rain on their parades.

Pippa is an odds on favorite to win “Rear of the Year” for 2011. Whether she’s got that famous asset or not, Pippa’s already royalty and seems a favorite of the paparazzi. It’s hard to imagine her losing that fame if she loses some pounds from the backside.

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