Pippa Middleton Topless Photos Not Scrubbed From the Web

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Efforts to remove the topless photos of Pippa Middleton from the web are failing — one site that was forced to have them removed has already managed to find a way to repost them.

It seems like only yesterday that everyone was cooing over Kate’s sister because of her sexy but modest white bridesmaid gown, but recently Pippa has embarrassed the Crown by taking off something sexy and white — her bikini top.

Of course there has been a monumental effort to get the photos of a topless Pippa wringing out her white bikini top removed from the web, but the effort is definitely failing so far. (Pippa Middleton is probably happy her sister is off on her honeymoon so that she can’t be berated for getting caught with her top off.)

pippa_middletonThe website Egotastic! was previously forced to removed the topless photos of Pippa Middleton (allegedly by the order of Her Majesty the Queen), but now they’re back up for the world to see. It’s impossible to tell how serious the guy that runs the website is most of the time, but he proclaims that “somebody very highly placed in the Windsor House” helped him get the photos back up.

Poor Pippa Middleton must feel horrible about this whole ordeal, and probably didn’t even know she was captured on camera innocently trying to rinse out her bathing suit. With photos of Kate Middleton wearing her own white bikini top having caused such a sensation in the past, there’s no telling how long these photos will keep Pippa in the press.

So will Pippa’s royal screw-up get Kate in trouble when she gets home? Hopefully not, but it seems like the curse of being married into the royal family might have already begun for the elder Middleton — she’s going to have a hard time enjoying her honeymoon with her sibling’s photo faux pas weighing heavily on her mind.

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