Pippa Middleton: Why Is She Dressed Like A Bag Lady?

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This past weekend Pippa Middleton was seen attending a wedding in rather frumpy purple attire–complete with matching purple hat and necklace, and now she’s been spotted in London dressed sort of like a bag lady. What gives, Pippa?

According to RadarOnline, Pippa was spotted on Monday wearing jeans, a pink top and a black leather jacket. Her hair was slicked back (hopefully wet and not just dirty?) and she appeared to be sans any makeup.

The strangest part of Pippa’s ensemble was that she was carrying not one, but three bags. Even though all three did appear to be designer handbags, the whole look was incredibly peculiar.

If Pippa Middleton isn’t a bit more careful about her attire when seen in public, she is most certainly going to lose her official (okay, so it’s not really official, but it sounds good–right?) title of “Her Royal Hotness.” She was dubbed as such after looking so incredibly hot in her Alexander McQueen bridesmaid’s dress at the wedding of her sister Kate Middleton to Prince William.

Well, Pippa, you’d best clean up your fashion act–and quite a bit, too. For such a young and beautiful girl, you’re soon destined for comparison with the likes of Camilla Parker Bowles! And that would be a crying shame!

What do you suppose is with Pippa Middleton and not one, but two recent fashion faux pas? As if the ugly purple ensemble wasn’t bad enough, now she’s running around town looking quite literally like a bag lady. Is Pippa not feeling well? Is she sick and tired of looking good all the time? Is she intentionally dressing poorly so people won’t recognize her?

Whatever the answer may be, Pippa Middleton had best cut it out. She won’t snag a hot guy this way and could be destined for someone akin to Prince Charles. Of course everyone loves British men who wear skirts and have bad teeth–but truly, Pippa–you could do so much better than that!

Do you dare take a stab at the real reason lying behind Pippa Middleton’s recent fashion gaffes?

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