Pippa Middleton

It is really very shocking that a few websites have shown the topless photo of Pippa Middleton, the famous little sister of Kate.. This is not a new photo but  rather five-year-old picture of Pippa Middleton as she was vacationing with her older sister Kate Middleton and  P William.  We know that Prince William is still haunted by her mother Princess Diana’s fatal car crash .

Princess Diana had been the victim of paparazzi.  It is indispensable that we our privacy should be protected. Whoever  tries to violate it  must be taken to task.

In this case also, it is indispensable to find out  how some  sites published  these private  photos of  Pippa  Middleton.

“Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence”- Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Middleton family is angry, and feeling betrayed. Pippa Middleton was the Maid of Honor in the Royal Wedding on April 29 at Westminster Abbey. Due to topless photos at the web, the media spotlight is on her. The newly-wed Prince William and Kate are not so popular now as Kate’s sister.

The fact is that we should fully respect privacy and family life of Pippa Miiddleton, sister of newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge. Preservation and protection of privacy is Pippa Middleton’s right.

No one should intrude upon the privacy of Pippa Middleton. The embarrassing photos of Pippa have really troubled the family. They have lodged an official complaint requesting the media to remove these photos to keep the reputation of the royal family intact. These photos without a bra&bikni are vulgar.  

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