Pippa Middleton’s Anniversary is April 29th, Too

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Pippa Middleton is coming upon her 1-year anniversary. But Pippa isn’t married–is she? No, but don’t forget–Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding anniversary is also the anniversary of Pippa’s rise to fame.

According to a report from Celebuzz, April 29th won’t simply mark the date of the royal wedding a year ago. It also denotes the first time the world saw Pippa’s shapely behind.

Since Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding day, hardly a week goes by without Pippa being featured in some form of celebrity news. People are fascinated by what Pippa wears, what Pippa does, her love life, her pastimes and yes–her still-famous derrière. Sometimes it seems like Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has taken a back seat to her sister Pippa’s fame.

Why do you suppose it is that Pippa’s so popular? Sure, she’s a pretty girl, but she’s not drop-dead gorgeous. And yes, that’s quite a butt she boasts–but men everywhere have no doubt seen better. What’s the draw?

It seems there’s no real answer to that. Perhaps people have been expecting another lavish wedding in the Middleton family ever since Will and Kate got married last year. Maybe they like to see how Kate may have lived before becoming a royal, by watching Pippa’s day to day activities.

If Pippa were perfect, she might not draw so much attention. She has provided the paparazzi with some late-night scandals a time or two and of course most recently was riding in a car with a man who aimed a toy gun at the paps. Perhaps it’s Pippa Middleton’s less than perfect nature that makes her popular. Are people hoping that a real down and dirty side of Pippa might emerge?

Regardless of the reasons, Pippa Middleton is a paparazzo’s delight. She graces tabloid covers and news program headers. She is all over the internet. So on April 29th, when you wish Kate Middleton and Prince William a happy anniversary, be sure to wish Pippa one, too.

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