Pippa Middleton’s Butt–You Can Have One Just Like It!

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Pippa Middleton’s butt–or bum, rear end, derrière, or backside–whichever you prefer to call it, reached instant notoriety following the royal wedding of Pippa’s sister Kate Middleton to Prince William.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, some trainers are saying that most anyone can achieve the tight and toned look of Pippa’s bottom. Would you like your own hind quarters to look that good? Here’s what the trainers have to say.

Goldie Karpel is a celebrity yoga trainer. She says in order to attain Pippa Middleton’s butt, people must engage in three separate yoga moves–the chair pose, the twisting chair and the bridge pose variation.

Andrew Fitzgerald is the co-founder and performance specialist for E3Sports. He claims steps and cardio exercise is the only combination that will result in a bum as fine as Pippa Middleton’s. He recommends running on an incline, doing jump squats or box jumps, and using a box or bench to do a number of high steps in rapid succession.

So far those yoga positions sound a bit less tiresome, but they might be tricky. Even though most yoga moves don’t involve a lot of cardio, the twists and turns the human body is expected to make often appear downright impossible! Some people wind up feeling as twisted as a pretzel!

Eddie Robinson is a pro with the International Federation of Bodybuilding. He has a plan he calls his ‘Brick House Booty Transformation.’ This involves squats and leg presses for starters, followed by stiff-legged deadlifts and walking lunges. These options don’t sound quite as intimidating as Mr. Fitzgerald’s, but does anyone really want to look like a brick house? Pippa Middleton certainly doesn’t resemble one!

It might be worth noting, however, that the shape one is in when beginning these exercises must play at least a small role in what the overall outcome will be. Certainly not everyone can do a few exercises and wind up with a version of Pippa Middleton’s rear end. And would everyone really want to? People come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and that particular derrière might not look so hot on a woman standing 6 feet tall, or one who barely makes it to 5 feet. What do you think?

Is Pippa Middleton’s bum something you’d be willing to work hard to attain? Most people have pipe dreams of achieving that firmer, larger, smaller, or simply different backside than that with which they were blessed. However practicality must prevail. Face it–not everyone can have a Facebook page dedicated to their butt the way Pippa does. And after all–would you really and truly want one?

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