Pippa Middleton’s Reputation as ‘Undateable’ Growing

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While sister, Kate Middleton is happily married, Pippa Middleton is quickly being considered “undateable.” Is this something that the tabloids have placed on her, or is Pippa living down the moniker? Goodness, is Pippa just depressed because she has no man on New Year’s Eve?

At least one tabloid is going after the 28-year-old Pippa Middleton claiming that she is completely depressed that she is single. They go on to explore why Kate Middleton was successful in love and why Pippa is a failure. Perhaps, it is because Pippa is too picky when it comes to finding “Prince Charming.”

She’s scared she’ll never find someone who’ll accept her life. She’s to wonder if she’ll ever find her Prince Charming. The men Pippa knows are all majorly turned off by the circus surrounding her.

Is Pippa Middleton actually that “undateable” because the paparazzi follow her around constantly and there are about a zillion articles written about her every day? Of course the attention is going to be huge, especially since Pippa is the “uber-hot” sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Maybe 2012 will be a year for romance for Pippa. Maybe she can find that Prince Charming she is looking for. Goodness, if she would just take a page out of Bar Refaeli’s playbook and kiss a few more frogs, maybe she would find out that she is not quite as “undateable” as she thinks that she is.

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