Pittsburgh Area Bank Robber was a Real Clown

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A man in Swissvale, PA, near Pittsburgh, robbed a bank in a very unusual outfit. Dennis Hawkins robbed a bank with a stolen BB gun, while dressed in clown pants, a ladies’ blonde wig, a sweater, and fake breasts. He then ruined his lovely outfit by opening the bag of money. The bag contained a dye pack, which exploded on Hawkins, covering him and his get-up in red dye. Oops!

The robber clown was found, covered in red dye, and sitting in a woman’s car. Dennis Hawkins was promptly arrested, and is currently in jail on $230,000 bail.

If you are going to pull off an unsuccessful robbery, it is best to do it in an unfortunate outfit. Otherwise people will never hear about it. What’s the use of failing to successfully get away with robbing a bank, if you aren’t going to make national news by looking like a goofball while doing it? In his defense, maybe Dennis was taking Ambien, and sleep-walking while dreaming that he was in a Lady Gaga video.

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