Pixar ‘Up’ House in Real-Life: Recreated for Nat Geo’s New Show ‘How Hard Can it Be?”

The Up house from Pixar was recreated in real life this past weekend. And, guess what, the house actually floated. It stayed 10,000 ft up in the air! The recreation was fabricated for Nat Geo’s upcoming show, How Hard Can it Be?


66ème Festival du Cinéma de Venise (Mostra), 5...With a team of engineers and scientists, it wasn’t hard at all. They used 300 gigantic helium balloons to lift up the 1-ton house. Each balloon was eight feet tall and filled with an entire tank of helium! The house measured 16 by 16 by 18 feet. Talk about a massive project!

However, the floating house wasn’t a normal dwelling, it was a custom-built gondola made to look like the Up house. Amazingly, it stayed afloat for at least an hour over a remote area in Southern California’s High Desert. Eventually, the Up house was brought down.

From the experiment, scientists figured it would be next to impossible to transform a land-locked house into an airborne one with balloons. The idea of a floating house is somewhat scary anyway. A regular person would probably not have the means to build and float a normal house.

If this is just one segment on Nat Geo’s upcoming show, it’s a safe bet How Hard Can it Be will not be a loser when it premieres in Sept! Readers, are you interested in Nat Geo’s show now?

Talk about a great first impression. Taking a beloved film and turning it into a reality has set the bar high. Let’s hope the show can deliver!

Watch the amazing video!

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