Pixie Lott Discusses Her Writing Inspiration

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Singer-songwriter Pixie Lott says that her songwriting inspiration comes during the darkest times of her life, when she is feeling sad or upset. So in her case, difficult emotions serves as an interesting conduit for channeling her creative process.

As reported by Contact Music, Lott states, “It helps to be in a sad mood. Say you’ve had an argument with a friend, your mum, your boyfriend… It makes you want to write it down.”

Writing can be a very effective outlet for releasing pain as some of the greatest work tends to be inspired by truth. There are no rules, just uninhibited writing.

The British singer also admits that any strong emotion helps the writing process. And so, she continues to use these emotions and her beliefs about life to tell a message.

The title of Pixie’s most recent album Young Foolish Happy was partly inspired by one of her favorite songs and the belief that anyone can be “young, foolish and happy” at any age.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine she adds:

“You can have youthfulness whatever your age, you don’t need to get old and miserable. It’s also a song I grew up listening to by soul band The Tams. I do a cover of it at my gigs. This album is definitely more influenced by soul.”

Soul is indeed the source of great inspiration for creativity. While creating, Lott continues to embrace these real-life emotional, philosophical and musical influences in her own sound, style and lyrics.

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