Pizza in Naples!

Did you know that Naples, Italy invented pizza? I thought it came from New York City, but to be honest, New York City perfected pizza.

When I went to Italy, I loved the pizza, but be forewarned, if you want pizza, ask for Margarita pizza if you want traditonal pizza with tomato sauce and cheese. In Naples, the Margarita pizza was so named for Queen Margarita. She was so proud of the Italian flag that she ordered pizza to be red which is the tomato sauce, green, which is the basil and oregano, and white for the cheese.

Also, in Naples the pizza if in a triangular shape but it is fold three times. In New York it is fold in half. Anywhere in the Southern part of America, it is not folded at all or eaten with a fork and knife which is terribly disturbing to a New York or someone from Naples.

Also, in New York it is a called a pizza pie. I now live in Oklahoma where it is just called pizza. Go figure.

I hope you enjoyed my little story of pizza, and now are you hungry for a margarita pizza?

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